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Organize, Create & Beautify
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Organize your world

Life is crazy enough without clutter and chaos! We specialize in the organization of all kinds of stuff throughout your home.

Bathrooms contain things we use everyday. We have a huge selection of bath accessories and containers for the essentials of daily grooming. Sun Ray has what you need to make your life easier (and neater!)

Create your space

Life is hectic. Pamper your body while calming your mind, as you enjoy our line of natural, beneficial products. Experience a daily pedicure at home when you use our foot files. Luxurious bath products and accessories, butters and lotions will give your body the attention it deserves. Our spa accessories surround you with luxury!

Beautify your Home

Enhance your living space! Sun Ray carries a variety of unique home décor, such as incredibly washable “silk” rugs from Belgium, basketry, and accent lighting.

Our newest addition is affordable, Canadian made, solid pine furniture. Custom staining and a wide selection of tables, bookcases, mirrors and benches, make these pieces desirable for most homes.

Gifts for every Reason

The special occasions that make up our lives often require a thoughtful “something”. Sun Ray has spa, entertainment and kitchen gadgets galore! Practical items and things we would love to receive ourselves are always on our shelves, walls and displays. Our store is becoming a shopping destination for many wonderful people.          We hope to welcome you soon.


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"A fantastic service. I was really pleased with the result & will recommend you again."
- Mr C - Calgary



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